Short-Term Project – remote home office in Croatia


The task is to create a connection from the Outlook calendar and send the data to the Excel file format.

Then you need to create a flow that converts the Excel file to XML every 15min - Updating the columns with the new data AND then grabbing new data from the XML file and sending them back into Excel and then up into Outlook.

These are the data that need to e update:

These are the files in Outlook!

- From - who is the consultant

- To - customer's e-mail

- Topic

- Location - customer's address

- Starting date

- Start

- Finish

- End

- Content

- Object - SAP Business One object

- ID - Service Call or Activity Number

You can see below the image that illustrates it.

IT IS IMPORTANT that you do not focus on the SAP part that is NOT your concern.

The flow has to run every 15 min updating the Outlook!

Our client is a company from Denmark that will sign a consultancy contract directly with the chosen candidate.