"I have used the services of VOLITO HR & Associates recently and I highly recommend them for their professional, extremely skilled, world class abilities which guarantees success for career opportunities you may be pursuing with them. They are well entrenched in the telecom category across the globe fostering strong relationships across almost all telcos. Their structured and planned approach gives you the guidance and support you need to achieve the very best for yourself. They partner with you at each step to ensure you are able to fulfill your career aspirations."
Sonia Kochhar
Head of Research & Insights | Group Marketing Strategy & Brand at Commonwealth Bank
"VOLITO HR & Associates have profound knowledge and core capabilities in managing the specific position requirements with the client’s demands. They are an excellent team and very good recruiting experts. All of them have international telecom background with more than twenty years in the business and are very intercultural. I have really enjoyed each time when cooperating with them in several projects together."
Shadi Al-Gerjawi
CEO at Africell Sierra Leone
"VOLITO HR & Associates consists of the top quality recruiting managers who are eager to listen to the real needs of their clients."
Prashant Gokarn
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at DigiAsia
"I cooperated with VOLITO HR & Associates successfully and was very impressed with their determination and focus to create the positive working environment, always executing the best career opportunity requirements. On top of that, all of them have very structured and planned approach to reach the strategic targets of their clients."
Hany Bedair
Founder & Managing Director at Zeus Invest LTD & TechnoServe SA
"VOLITO HR & Associates are dedicated, customer-focused recruiting professionals. Their business skills are excellent. All of them understand the complex, process-driven approach that recruiting companies should adopt on today, and they consistently build up strong relationships with all levels of the targeted telecom operators."
Obafemi Banigbe
Managing Partner at Silver Rock Technology Services
"VOLITO HR & Associates are professionals who are focused on the real targets not forgetting to combine it in a bigger picture. Thus, they guarantee the best results for the specific career opportunity. All of them being hard workers, they are always a good example on how the business should be run on. It was my real pleasure to cooperate with them."
Ergün Birol
Board Member at Ketchup Group
"VOLITO HR & Associates team members have shown a world class ability to understand their clients’ career drivers. Plus, and crucially, their unrivaled talent to communicate propositions, based on and driving the clients' career objectives, to all the key people and to do this across several languages and geographies."
Garrett Martin Johnston
Founder and CEO at Macroscope Consulting
"VOLITO HR & Associates are very skilled professionals with a deep knowledge of the wireless industry and its trends. They get involved with their clients finding the best strategies in order to help them growing up their leadership skills."
Pedro Arzani
Chief Operations Officer at Aditus Holding
"VOLITO HR & Associates is a team of business oriented recruiting managers in the best manner, always keen to support their customer on a level of excellence. Their outstanding talented staff are justified in high customer orientation, networking and extremely good communication practice. Seeking for optimal solutions from customer perspective to achieve and ensure Win-Win situations."
Sleiman El-Khoury
Head of Finance at Ghanem & Co.