VOLITO d.o.o. has been operating since 2004 and our core business is mediation in the international market with the aim of finding appropriate workers for different industries. Right now, we have several thousand SW developers in our talent pool with the following skillset:
  • Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS)
  • Backend Development (PHP, JAVA, .Net (C#, C++, C), Python, Ruby on Rails)
  • Mobile Development (Objective-C, Swift, Ionic, Unity)
In regard to the methodologies, they are familiar with Agile / Scrum, Incremental, Spiral, V-Model XT and Waterfall. Moreover, they also cover: Unix, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, XML, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, React, Erlang, and more. All of them are focused on producing simple, readable and maintainable code, and are avid followers of Uncle Bob and Clean Coders.
If you are interested in developers from Ukraine, Bulgaria or Croatia to potentially work on-site at your office as your employees, we would be happy to set up a call and talk details. Here is the ON-SITE SW DEVELOPERS request form.